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Since I am asking you for your support, it is only fair that you ask what I am all about. What makes me an ideal candidate? What are my qualifications? What is my plan? You can read about me in the MEET KEITH section of my website, but my plan is summarized here because it is the basis of my bid for office.

My Plan

I will do four main things to make my promises a reality. What I can legally control from the White House, I will simply do. What is not allowed for the president in the constitution, I will work with congress to make a reality.


I will review the costs of maintaining federal properties and find ways to reduce waste and bureaucratic bloat. These changes will consist of simple things like turning the heat down by a few degrees in winter, turning off unnecessary lights, and other things similar to what Americans do in their homes every day. I will also look for ways to increase revenue that these lands could generate through tourism, etcetera. Lowering operating costs and boosting value will add more money to the budget.


I will modify the rules of the FDIC to allow marijuana dispensaries, legal in their state, to utilize banking services. It is not my plan to federally mandate the legalization of marijuana, that determination should be made at the state level.  However, as long as the dispensary is following the laws of the state, they can become legal in the eyes of the federal government. In exchange, they will pay a federal tax on their sales similar to beer and cigarettes. Interstate transport of marijuana will also remain illegal. According to Grand View Research, the sales of marijuana will be an estimated 40 billion dollars per annum by 2030 yielding about 4 billion in additional taxes.


I will set for review any tax-exempt status of an organization on a biannual basis. I do not believe that tax exemption should be granted or denied based on belief or identification. I do believe any organization seeking tax exemption should be required to meet certain criteria of serving the community. They either meet the criteria, or they pay taxes. 


I will use the additional revenue from these taxes and adjustments to increase our border security against heroin and fentanyl smuggling, as well as combat coyotes praying on people who wish to come to America in search of a better life. The remaining monies, I will set aside to bolster the public mental health initiatives to reduce gun violence and increase safety in our schools and streets. The best way to reduce violence is to deal with the underlying causes of it.

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