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My name is Keith Jacobs.

I have entered the presidential race for 2024. I did this because we need to change course in this country, and if we keep doing things the way we’ve been doing them we will never improve what we have. We have a great country with great people in it, but there is always room for improvement.

I’m just a regular person, like you. I don’t have any corporate backing or deep pockets. I’m not a super billionaire or career politician either. You may think this shows a lack of experience, however, my entire life has given me the necessary credentials to make a great president.

I have served on various committees and delegation panels over a twenty-year career working to protect the little guy from those who would exploit them. I'm fully versed in the workings of our government and negotiations performed routinely in politics. More importantly, I think, is that I have forty-five years' experience on how to not be a complete jerk. I know how to check my ego in pursuit of the greater good. I know how to get along with others in order to make something more important work. 

Nobody stands up for the little guy. Our government is supposed to protect us, as citizens, from the bullies out there. Almost always, though, they side with the bad actors who line their pockets. This is not okay with me. It is the one thing that most needs to be changed, and the people running against me have no interest in changing it.

The truth is none of the presidents were truly prepared to be presidents before they took the office. What sets me apart from the rest of the rabble isn’t my qualifications, but my qualities. I will provide more growth in good private sector jobs.  I will do that by sending a message across the world that if a company wants to sell on our soil, they will at least not deploy slave or child labor.

I will strengthen our military and police while simultaneously implementing programs to weed out any bad seeds before they sprout in those fine organizations. Mainly, I will recruit the greatest minds in social sciences to determine whether someone is ill intending before they are allowed to join either force.

And more than that, I will listen to both sides. I’m not caught up in party politics. I believe that the democrats are right in some areas and the republicans are right in some areas, so the best for the country is to take what each party has right and dispose of the rest.

What I don’t know, I will have advisors for. What I am best at is representing the average American since I am one. Ask yourself who is a better voice for you than someone who has lived a similar life. I have lived in several states, but never the state of denial like some other candidates. I have never lived in an ivory tower, and I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth either. The fact that I am a regular guy is my greatest attribute for this job.

I reach out to you, now. I ask for volunteers to help me spread my message and bring some moderate civility back to our country. The government is not a soap opera, it directly affects your life. So don’t vote for drama, help me make America the greatest nation for everyone living here.

If you want to help make America the best society for everyone, please feel free to volunteer, contribute, and most importantly vote.

Keith Jacobs For President
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