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 American society is just like a high tech sports car with a flat tire. The idea isn't to destroy the car, rip out the engine, throw away the transmission, and start over, but to fix the issue so as to maximize the greatness. Here I spell out my proposed solutions to certain barriers to our success as a country.


The reality is large companies will always pursue profit above everything else. The job of the people is to make it more profitable for those companies to observe positive impacts to the environment. Read More

Foreign Policy

Membership in organizations like NATO and WHO need to be examined. I do not recommend withdrawal from these groups, but America should stop footing the bill for them. Additionally, the US government is elected by US citizens to serve the people of the US. Read More


We have in America the Equal Opportunities ACT, the Equal Housing ACT, and a host of laws and bills protecting the rights of every American. We also have a large Dept of Justice to assist in compliance with our laws. If it comes to the attention of my administration that these laws are in violation, I will use the DOJ to investigate and prosecute any violators to the extent that the law allows.

Immigration Reform

America has a robust and inclusive immigration policy in relation to many other countries. However, that doesn’t mean it has no room for improvement. Changing immigration laws and policies is not the job of the president, but congress. As such, I would invite congress to review existing laws and create a 21st century immigration bill so we can welcome new people from all over the world and secure our sovereign borders at the same time.  

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Gun Rights

Every American has the Second Amendment right to own and bear arms. Like the right of someone to have an abortion, the right doesn't mean the government can't regulate the types and means of how those rights can be exercised.

Opioid Epidemic

It is no secret that opioids have been and continue to be a deadly scourge in our society. One thing I have learned about this drug is the best way to fight it is to give people something better to do with their lives. I will reach out to the private sector to develop alternative ideas to promote human connection and strengthen community ties with everyone which studies have shown radically reduces a community’s reliance on opioids.


Abortions must remain legal, but with regulations set in place to protect society and individuals from irresponsible behaviors that can come about because of this practice. Abortion can do more harm than good, and the government’s job is to prevent that from happening. Read More

Religious Holidays

It is important to understand that America doesn't celebrate religious holidays per se. We nationally celebrate American holidays that had been signed into law by past presidents. That said, Christmas and Easter have well known religious origins.


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Foreign Wars

I realize that the US has interests that go beyond our borders. I'm not an idiot, and I don't live under a rock. I do have a radical idea on dealing with Israel, Palestine, Russia, Ukraine etc. that nobody else has seemed to look into. Read More

Keith Jacobs For President
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